Uncivil Rights (Prod. by MrMadflowTV Music)

by John Graham

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This song gives you a glimpse into what I believe to be a much needed dialogue with ourselves. Uncivil Rights is an uncomfortable look into race, religion, and class in the country I live in. If this song offends you then my mission is only partially accomplished. If I encourage you to examine yourself then my task is complete!

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Verse 1:

I've got a peace like Islamic Christians with 6 bombs that's switched on with a fuse a half an inch long.

Is this wrong for this song or manufactured controversy, don't take it personal if Jesus and Mohammed heard me.

Those kind of lines could be interpreted as drama stirring, or maybe they're a wake up call to all the Gods you're serving.

I spit the gospel but more in tune with the gnostic version. I'm more aligned with the spirit that lies inside the person.

The freedom is intoxicating; I do this for the culture and the people who believe in deeper contemplation.

Delivered clearly through a speaker all across the nation. This is the medication given at no cost to patients.

Sick care or healthcare, warfare or welfare, they sell water, sell air from Belfast to Bel Aire.

They sell time on cell phones, but sands of the hour glass are non refundable, pay attention you're now in class!

Verse 2:

I was once told by the God fearing elders, you gotta keep your balance walk a tightrope like Janelle does.

Cause I could be Monet better yet I could be Da Vinci, or I could be Emmitt Till when they publicly try to lynch me.

For giving generations the truth that resides within me, and pointing out the cooning of popular picaninies.

Officers will stop me even if I drive a mini; cause racism exists whether you're countryside or city.

But that don't make me none, I gotta focus on the race we run, your jewelry hasn't mattered since the end of days begun.

Your multi million dollars won't ensure that you survive the changing of the weather or the rising of the tide.

But they don't tell you that when they suggest that you've arrived, but who am I, I'm something like the Christ that all the Jews denied.

This is for the activists who knew that they would lose their lives before they could see the truth arriving to you and I.

Verse 3:

I wonder what would happen if Martin Luther King had made it off that balcony and dodged the shot of that assassin.

Would he and Malcolm have joined forces to change courses of outcomes that we now face from the same sources?

That is rhetorical question was metaphorical, imploring you to listen to he who met with the Oracle.

Who told me I should know thyself even when they endorsing you, and always show your gratitude for those who are supporting you.

They wonder why I refuse to go on tour and perform for you; I feel it’s more important to build a better rapport with you.

I keep the dream in focus cause visions can look distorted through 8mm lenses pretending to be recording you.

But I could sell my soul and have enough to buy a Porsche or two, but that would be the dream of a person who is divorced from truth.

I wrote this on his 83rd, I wish that he could see the world today and go online to listen to me say these words.

MCN: CAFUL-37C5Q-249B6


released May 15, 2012
Written by: J. Graham
Vocal Performance: J. Graham
Production: Mr. Madflowtv Music
Engineer: Mir Swain (www.EgoFreeMusicGroup.com)
Artwork: QD of the Mad Bloggers (wwwTheMadBloggers.com)

Audio clips are sampled from the 911 calls from George Zimmerman and the eye witnesses who experienced the untimely and unconscionable killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.



all rights reserved


John Graham Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Graham (Songwriter,Recording Artist, & Inspirational Speaker) has been a lover of music since before he can remember. He discovered that he had a gift with words at an early age as a writer of poetry in elementary school. it was only a matter of time before he put his passion for music and his creative talent together to begin creating a sound that could change the world. ... more

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