Success In Retrograde

by John Graham

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suc·cess   [suhk-ses] Show IPA

1. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

ret·ro·grade   [re-truh-greyd] Show IPA adjective, verb, -grad·ed, -grad·ing.

1. moving backward; having a backward motion or direction; retiring or retreating.

Every artist dreams of success but none ever foresees the inevitable decline that comes thereafter. Success In Retrograde is the highly anticipated EP from Ego Free Music Group recording artist John Graham.

Success In Retrograde gives listeners an in-depth perspective on a wide range of topics by taking them back to an era before the glitz and glamour. Taking them back to when beats, lyrics, and delivery were the only things that mattered. Taking them back to the very essence of why they fell in love with hip hop in the first place.

This project is sure to have you deep in thought while nodding your head uncontrollably. John is Accompanied by some of the most talented producers in the industry including: Amir Swain, Kuddie Fresh, Shade Cobain, Brandon Lee, Sizemen, & Mark Henry.

This will be the album that people will be talking about for years to come. From the first track to the very last you're guaranteed to be in for a ride like no other. So tell a friend to tell a friend that the music is Ego Free and the album is Success In Retrograde. We hope you enjoy and become an advocate for music of substance!


released January 11, 2012

First and foremost, thank you to my phenomenal wife who has been the most supportive woman and best friend a man could ask for. Without you and our beautiful baby boy, I couldn't have done this. You two are my motivation.

Thank you to my Mother, Father, friends and family who have been integral in helping me to become the person that I am today. The music is a reflection of my experiences and the people in my experience.

Thank you to each and every talented musician that contributed to this project. Your passion and dedication to your craft is what inspires artists like myself to keep writing.

Big shout out to Ego Free Music Group (@EgoFreeMusicGrp) The time is now and the standards will be raised! Love!!!

Thank you to Q of The Mad (@ThroatChopU) for continuing to create amazing visuals for my works. You're support is greatly appreciate brotha!

Thank you to Jose at The Word is (@TheWordIsBond) for sharing my works with a world audience and introducing me to one of the best producers France has ever known in Sizemen.

Thank you to Configa (@Configa) and Nick Light (@Nick8700) for making a dream come true. The video for Back 2 Basics is a milestone that I will never forget. Thank you once again.

A special shout out to the" Supastar" Esha J. (@_Esha_J) for blessing two of my songs with her angelic vocals. I swear this is going to be the year that the world comes to know who you are sis! Love & Light!

Shouts to Ezzie B (@Mindmissiles). and B. Doom (DoomGotBeats) of Prosthetik Intelligentz (@ItsProsthetik) for creating amazing art and inspiring me both professionally and personally. Love & Light to you brothas.

A special thank you to one of the most creative and brilliant minds of boom bap, Shade Cobain (@ShadeCobain)! You're work continues to speak to me in ways I never thought possible. Thank you sir for being who you are!

A huge thank you goes to Manny Sofolawe (@IamMannyWaters) for creating one of the most visually stunning websites I have ever seen. Your talent is awe inspiring sir and I look forward to seeing your continued success!

A special shout to my brothas at Camorra Inc. You all know this is a long time in the making. We're on the way up fellas. Love y'all! C!!!

I'm sure i'm forgetting a ton of people but please know it's not intentional. Love & Light to all and thank you for connecting with the work that we're doing. We will not cease until the standard of music is raised!


John Graham



all rights reserved


John Graham Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Graham (Songwriter,Recording Artist, & Inspirational Speaker) has been a lover of music since before he can remember. He discovered that he had a gift with words at an early age as a writer of poetry in elementary school. it was only a matter of time before he put his passion for music and his creative talent together to begin creating a sound that could change the world. ... more

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Track Name: Veteran's of Foreign Wars (Prod. by Sizemen)
Verse :1
Word is bond to foreign dirt you were serving on, soldiers of fortune converting all those who worship wrong

Birth of a nation on native peoples aborted homes, follow the trail of tears the families were escorted on.

Word is bond to all the soldiers of foreign wars, including those who didn’t know what they were fighting for.

Who didn’t know that they were leading invasions and changing history, which ultimately led to them rewriting yours.

Miseries of Infantries in their infancy, devastation of generations live in infamy.

Boo ma yay, to all the kids in a school today, who’s grand parents escaped the genocide on the Jewish faith.

For human living I’m giving you just a glimpse, the ugliness of truth is beauty being eclipsed.

See they would have you believe that we’re the land of the free and also home of the brave, not slaves, shackles and whips.

Verse 2:

Word is bond to every word in the verse I’m on, certain songs worth less than the disc you burned them on.

Disc jockey’s do me a favor and run it back so they don’t have to question whether or not they heard him wrong.

Indie artists fight hardest from in the trenches, with the intentions of getting massive attention.

Look what we’re up against, infinite capital, marketing strategies got the people defenseless.

Radio formatting, video programming, psychological warfare has got the clones jamming.

Email assault auto responders, for no spamming another weapon of choice are pages for home landings.

Collaborations with other artists for co-branding, twitter bombing and Face booking to grow fan base.

Operation enduring freedom from label deals, independent success to break the label shields.

Verse 3:

Word is bond to everyone who deserves this song, for those who survived a conflict but now they nerves are gone.

Who can’t sleep cause they see faces at night, or duck when cars back fire and doctors are still workin’ on.

Balancing dosages for posttraumatic stress disorder, lasting effects long after crossing the foreign border.

For all the soldiers, military or musical, consider this a 21 gun cause I’m saluting you.

For all the casualties who were lost on the battlefield, and all the artists who were shackled by entrapment deals.

They call us terrorists all we want is the music heard, without sacrificing everything we do deserve.

Whatever you have heard about a 360 deal, just do the research and witness what they can do with words.

Just know that I’m speaking on your behalf, your
memory will live forever in my paragraphs.
Track Name: What Dreams May Come ft. Esha J. (Prod. by Amir Swain)
Faint light of dawn and I'm listening to you breathing in and breathing out needing nothing.

You are honey dipped, and you are beautiful, floating clouds soft world and I can't feel my lips.

Verse 1:
We were living in amazing times, we made a happy home outside the box that they defined.

The very thought of you reminds me of my favorite line, in time I’ll take away your miseries and make em’ mine.

You were the prototype and God had made a great design, in tune like planetary beings after they aligned.

Your heart was open; eyes were open and your faith was blind, we’ll age together and get better like the taste of wine.

But I’m a soldier off to war again. Do I go or do I stay, to fight a war within?

My bags are by the door my train departs at 4am, not a musician, but abroad is where my tour begins.

I have to fight the world to make you safer, in reality you never know when fate will take you.

We’ll be together soon enough that was my final vow, this is not goodbye this is just goodbye for now.

Faint light of dawn and I'm listening to you breathing in and breathing out needing nothing.

You are honey dipped, and you are beautiful, floating clouds, and soft world and I can't feel my lips.

Verse 2:
My return to you was bitter sweet, so much had changed, and you are not the same admittedly.

Our steps are out of rhythm moving to a different beat. Something is missing, I’m insisting that it isn’t me.

I had to take it with a grain of salt, when you looked up to the sky and said it’s all my fault.

You kept your feelings safe but now you’re like an empty vault, we pass each other like we never had a thing at all.

You’re out in public and your hand is naked ring is off. There’s something crazy 'bout the scenery your seeming lost.

When I communicate it’s crazy you won’t even talk. You watch our wedding video until the screen shuts off.

I wish I knew a way to reach you in your time of need, but you don’t feel my touch when I’m beneath you.

And I know have to move on but it’s hard for me to leave you, cause I know that when I go it won’t be possible to see you.

Faint light of dawn and I'm listening to you breathing in and breathing out needing nothing.

You are honey dipped, and you are beautiful, floating clouds soft world and I can't feel my lips.

Verse 3:
I watch you as you lay asleep, I’m in the bedroom but beside you there’s a vacancy.

I wish you’d wake up I’ll just wait here like a matradee. What dreams may come to those who end their lives in pain and grief?

If you only knew how heaven felt, it’s got a fragrance like no flower you have ever smelt.

Beneath an open sky, open eyes, hoping I can keep this all together like the stars within Orion’s belt.

I would have walked across a solar system, to hear a whisper from your lips, but now your soul is missing.

You’re in a lonely place regretting all your old decisions, screaming loud and clear and sadly I can only listen.

But I refuse to let you go forever, I’ll pull you out of misery so we can go together.

Enter an afterlife of paradise and sunny weather, or we could choose to do it over if the fates would let us.