John Graham Presents: The Reflection Series

by John Graham

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John Graham Presents: The Reflection Series is a 4 track promotional series created as a lead up to the release of the highly anticipated album "Mirror Music". Set over some of the most prolific beats I could find to paint a picture of what you have to look forward to on the album! I truly hope you enjoy and feel compelled to share with your network.


released December 19, 2010

"Don't Stop Remix" prod. by Kanye West & The Neptunes
"Light Reality" prod. by Kanye West & The RZA
"Mirror Image" prod. by The Neptunes
"Unsung Heroes" composed by Janko Nilovic



all rights reserved


John Graham Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Graham (Songwriter,Recording Artist, & Inspirational Speaker) has been a lover of music since before he can remember. He discovered that he had a gift with words at an early age as a writer of poetry in elementary school. it was only a matter of time before he put his passion for music and his creative talent together to begin creating a sound that could change the world. ... more

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Track Name: John Graham Presents: Light Reality
Verse 1:

I’ve planned this since I was in the cosmos, since the birth of me the mercy that I’ve shown.

That’s me dispersing divine flow; the music is a mirror reflection of where my mind goes.

It’s universal, reaching across time zones, no rehearsal the lyrics could get your mind blown.

It’s quite possible that I have made a masterpiece, but you would never know from the humility that I’ve shown.

It’s authentic forget it if you desire clones, there’s no app for my flow on your iPhones.

It’s exclusive; created for the blog rolls, internet radio, and twitizens that I know!

Verse 2:

Thanks Yeezy I appreciate the compliment, no ego I prefer a subtle confidence.

Independent minded, look what I’m accomplishing, never left the crib and I’ve reached beyond the continent.

Shouts to Beltdriven, and Q for MadBloggin’ it, you are now part of the movement I’m chartering.

You are now following truth without stardom, proof without pardon the new Pierre Cardin!

This is not for labels, the words are to intentional, 360 record deals are only one-dimensional.

Exposing all the ugliness, my honesty’s exceptional; this should be the anthem for the Independence show!

The markets ready for music that’s unconventional, so this is just a glimpse of the altitude I intend to go.

Break the barriers let the apprehensions go, now that is the answer to the question that you mentioned though.
Track Name: John Graham Presents: Mirror Image
Verse 1:

What ever happens next let this one be on the record, I’ll use the session like an envelope to slip the message.

That is the reason for me giving you Ascension Methods; this is a document for history to make a reference.

Reflective vocals so the music is a mirror huh? I see the future in the image that’s appearing huh?

This message is for everybody Am I speaking loud and clear enough for you to comprehend that you are hearing us?

The rally cry for those who know the world is gearing up for something major after just another year is up.

This is for you who knew that soon enough the tables had to turn in favor of the ones you really never hear enough.

Shouts to Pharrell for providing the canvass, for me to reach beyond the classroom on campus.

I’m like the Gil Scott Heron of the era it’s apparent that I carefully planned who John Graham is.


I bet this song, make no sense to you!
With the world on your shoulders what can you see?
God blessed us all with the gift to pursue,
Just clear your mind and you’ll feel like me.

Verse 2:

I don’t perform, but I do speaking engagements, entertainment is for those who want to be famous.

No disrespect to you if that’s what your aim is, my delivery is digital and that’s where it’s staying.

Some people think that I am being outrageous. Why, ‘cause I’m deciding not to be where the stage is.

It’s nothing personal I’m hearing your statements, your concerns are genuine, I only pray for your patience.

Cause once I’m on a stage I’m then obligated, to give a show and hope you hear what I’m saying.

No, I’d rather pioneer the trail that I’m blazing, operating as an unrestricted free agent.

Signing a record deal is modern enslavement, nothing like a loan that has no guarantee of repayment.

So keep the jewellery and the modern day slave ships. Freedom is maintained by my supporter’s donations.


I bet this song, make no sense to you!
With the world on your shoulders what can you see?
God blessed us all with the gift to pursue,
Just clear your mind and you’ll feel like me.

Verse 3:

I’m living out my dreams, I’m being introspective, pardon the large words my target market gets it.

The style is ego free, I love enough to care, I’m giving food for thought, I’ve got enough to share.

If you’re consume something, make sure it helps you grow, forget the numbers the ingredients will let you know.

I use my platform to help the world around me; profoundly response to my endeavors is astounding.

Far from perfect, I’m pleasantly flawed, so in order to improve I must acknowledge them all.

With every lyric I deliver to y’all, I’m speaking life into existence while advancing the cause.

Hold the applause and use the energy elsewhere, a healthy lifestyle will give you freedom from healthcare.

This is the fourth quarter, it’s not the time for gimmicks, the truth is unconcealed, this just like a mirror image!
Track Name: Unsung Heroes
Verse 1:
Shouts out to all the truth seekers, newsreaders, schoolteachers, plant based food eaters.

Skinny jean teens who work hard for some new sneakers, everybody hearing me through their two speakers.

This one’s for the single parent households, & college kids who don’t drink till they’re out cold.

Grown men who want more than a one night, and young men who walk away from a gunfight.

Young women who were loved by their fathers who won’t fall victim to a weak-minded heart robber.

Married couples that have kept the faith, and know the kind of sacrifice that investment takes.

For all those who have run the race, jumped out the lane, passed the baton, or changed the pace.

For real people who admit mistakes, who put pride aside, and recognize you don’t win debates.

Let’s laugh in the face of hate, let’s dance and embrace the greats, just clap as we change our fate.

Demand more as we raise the stakes, unsung heroes let’s celebrate!

Verse 2:
Shouts out to all the cats who never sold their souls for cd sales, who never short change themselves.

Give it up for the divas who kept their clothes on, don’t grip the pole or fast grind to slow songs.

A round of applause to the independents, who record themselves, mix down and send it.

Let’s hear it for the ones who do their own promotion, who don’t have a team, but have dreams and hopes.

And don’t forget about the ones with an open eye, who look beyond the surface because they know the grind.

Well done to the ones who never sat content, or sat idly by, but thought why can’t I?

Reach up and Touch the sky, that’s word to K. West, there’s more to this life than paychecks.

Great work to the ones who know, that this art is supposed to evolve and grow.

This part of the game you’re supposed to know, put heart where your brain is supposed to go.

Kudos to the one’s waiting on their break, but meanwhile understand the hard work it takes.

Let’s laugh in the face of hate, let’s dance and embrace the greats, just clap as we change our fate.

Demand more as we raise the stakes, unsung heroes let’s celebrate!

Verse 3:
If you’re an unsung hero toast to you, changing lives of all those close to you.

Don’t ever be fooled, I know the truth; it’s not easy to do what you’re supposed to do.

If it were easy then everyone would show and prove, which is why I respect what you’re going through.

You don’t accept everything that’s told to you, because research helps to uphold the truth.

No I in team or the golden rule is like everyday life for a chosen few.

These types only want to see growth in you; they teach you to build you hold the tools.

Here’s my appreciation for your strength and patience to know you have flaws and face them.

You have dreams and chase them, you have high standards, goals and aspirations.

Thank you for choosing to demonstrate, the example of a life that elevates.

I wish more of us would emulate, cause the higher vibrations resonate.

Let’s laugh in the face of hate, let’s dance and embrace the greats, just clap as we change our fate.

Demand more as we raise the stakes, unsung heroes let’s celebrate.

This song is for every unsung hero who chooses to live outside the box consciously. Who finds comfort in the uncomfortable, who dares to dream.
Who impact the lives of others without hope, or expectation of a gift in return. For those who are uncompromising… on truth… Thank you!