Ascension Methods

by John Graham

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The Ascension Methods project is a culmination of the wisdom that has been revealed to me through my travels in this life experience. The messages contained within are not my own, I am simply a vessel. Upon hearing the music, I hope you walk away feeling a sense of power, and responsibility to change the world around you as knowledge belongs to the one who seeks it, not the one who speaks it! Love & Light.


released July 4, 2010

First & foremost, thank you to My phenomenal wife who has been the most amazing and supportive force throughout the creation of this entire project. I love you more than words can sufficiently express!

Next, thank you to Andre for his patience and dedication to the project, even in the face of adversity in his own journey you still gave me 100%. Love you bro and thank you for bringing out the best in me for the benefit of the listeners.

Thank you to all of the wonderful producers of the original tracks used to create this work of art. Without their gifts and abilities the project would not have had the same spirit, so for that I appreciate you all. With that stated, can a brotha get some production?

Thank you to all of the brothas in my immediate circle who gave input, and criticism when needed to ensure that this would be the project they knew it could be. Special acknowledgement to my brotha from anotha Taishon, it's been quite a journey my man, yet we've only just begun! Thank you to Tron for the feature and also for the contributions to my growth through conversation, unforgettable indeed! To all of my Camorra brothers who have been monumental in helping me to become the best version of myself along the way, thank you!

Last and certainly not least, a special thank you to my mother and father who have both shown tremendous support over the course of my life but specifically throughout this project. Your guidance and wisdom was well placed and I am fortunate to have chosen such wonderful spirits to assist me in this life-cycle. I love you both!

To all the fans, I truly hope that this project means as much to you as it does to me. Trust me when I tell you that as I speak to you through the music, I am speaking to myself as well. Thank you to all of those who have faithfully Re-tweeted "Absolute Power" daily so as to spread the message. Thank you to the Blogs that gave my music wind beneath its wings and especially to those who I have connected with as a result of the music. You are greatly appreciated!

Love & Light to you all. Please continue to spread the messages of love to the world through whatever medium your gifts and abilities allow. I wish you all growth & expansion along your paths. Thank you once again!

John Graham



all rights reserved


John Graham Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Graham (Songwriter,Recording Artist, & Inspirational Speaker) has been a lover of music since before he can remember. He discovered that he had a gift with words at an early age as a writer of poetry in elementary school. it was only a matter of time before he put his passion for music and his creative talent together to begin creating a sound that could change the world. ... more

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Track Name: The Last Glimpse
I Pull the curtain on the veil of the blind; and reveal something beautiful reflection is divine

My energy is energy my ether is a 9, they might say I got that good hair cause the texture is fine

But it’s a trip how I’ve pointed out the signs still these people feel enslaved by the concept of time

I switch the scene keep it clean its serene cause you’re living out your life like dream,

in-between something coming out the screen like mean Mike Jackson back when he was on the low with Billy Jean

This is the signal that’s released to my brain as it moves through the network of your cells blood and veins,

This is my physical the fact still remains that my spirit is the driver of my body like a range

Rover discovery of life on the planet of Mars, these are stanzas and bars, of a phantom at large its an anthem with scars, I’m commanding my fan base to stand on they cars

And scream to the levels of a decibel that breaks the windows of the church, mosque, synagogue, and the temples too

Oh I must have a struck a nerve I’m looking for the words to serve the people who’ve preferred

To listen to the voice of this veggie eating nerd who would rather eat a piece of fruit than oven roasted birds. (24)

I’m exactly who I knew I’d be, my flow has reached another state this is just my new ID

I’m feeling Noble like my other name is Drew Ali, without my glasses I’m just seeing who I knew I’d see.

But only on the outside the inside is formless, dormant until warming is global

Overturn the poles; make it warm when its supposed to be cold cause the climate is forming

A plot to wipe the earth of us, she been dying ever since the birth of us.

You laughed at the hippies and the earth lovers, but the meek shall inherit and the last shall be the first of us.

That means the worst of us, will return at the rebirth of us to reverse the curse of the hunger and thirst of us

It was greed it was greed, we been over stimulated since they told us we were free

Before you speak I didn’t mean from slavery, I meant to dig our own grave with the food that we were made to eat

I got confused when I first sat down and played the beat, because I listened and I knew that it was made for me.

A tailored suit that fits quite unmistakably, good night this is John Graham live from where you’re tracing me. (48)
Track Name: Meditation Staycation
Verse 1:
What can I say man I swear I have it all, a wife, two cars, a big house and two dogs.

I have a gadget for every action you can possibly imagine, and clothes to match the latest fashion

I am gainfully employed, been to places in the world that most people would enjoy

A visit or leisurely stay, these are the easiest days, achievements like this are easily made

Don’t be afraid, you could leave it today, drop it all, pack a bag and feel the breeze of different seasons in Spain

I know it sounds arrogant, even conceited or vain, but your thoughts become your actions when you see they’re the same.

This is the time, this is the life that I was meant to live, I see the meaning of the message I was sent to give

There is a reason I am breathing, and it’s as simple as a moment just to focus and to check what my intention is.

You can go anywhere, and you can do anything, it don’t matter if you’ve been there, just listen to the words I sing

Meditation is what I do, before I do everything, open my eyes when I am through, then I can do anything.

Verse 2:
I close my eyes and I open my attentive ears, I see a light that’s bright enough to put an end to fear

Far from the place where the pelvis aligns; it’s the lowest of the chakras, or the tail of the spine

I’ve learned to quiet the beast, that is the peace of release believe it occurs where the crown chakra and the divine intertwine

But that’s another region of the mind and that’s another me that’s been defined (24)

Hope that my signal’s clear through the vibrations I’m sending you from my station be patient

After a couple of times you heard a couple of lines while breaking down every couplet of mine.

That my design is simply showing that mind mixed with equal parts of heart is the equation to find

The inner being in its powerful state, some are frightened while exploring such a powerful place

You can go anywhere, and you can do anything, it don’t matter if you’ve been there, just listen to the words I sing

Meditation is what I do, before I do everything, open my eyes when I am through, then I can do anything.

Verse 3:
But this is fun, this is fun, when you realize your connection to the one, and the one is the all

Some of believe the legends of the fall, but the spring is when the heavens tend to call

I’m sharing strategies to help the uninitiated, this is the game of life my spirit is officiating

The referee is the type of entity that will guide my every single move and place me where I’m meant to be

You tend to see these as coincidence; the difference is the thing you’re seeing didn’t happen accidentally

You and I are true expressions of the energy that’s been experiencing life for countless centuries

My objective is complete if you’re caught up in the beat but your conscious hears the jewels that I am mentioning

Meditation is the way that I’ve been centering in fact it’s the focus of the pictures I’ve been rendering

This composition is release of the wisdom that was drowned with Atlantis then was found by Egyptians

It was earned by the priests, it was learned by and burned by the Greeks, so the version I speak

Is the truth unending, firm and unbending; my eyes are opening the session is ending.

You’ve been attending my meditation staycation, and since the first verse we’ve been ascending

You can go anywhere, and you can do anything, it don’t matter if you’ve been there, just listen to the words I sing

Meditation is what I do, before I do everything, open my eyes when I am through, then I can do anything.
Track Name: Thru Time & Space
Verse 1 (We Met)
This is my fairytale, I know her very well, somethin’ had made me holla, it’s odd I rarely yell

Day one head over heels I didn’t barely fell, oops I meant barely fall, I mean we’re married y’all

I had a currently, she had a currently, it didn’t occur to me that we would need it urgently.

Seeing the urgency, seemed like emergency, connection was immediate beyond what words could speak.

I’m hangin’ after school, I’m on the phone at work, I’m filming her while on her way to see the Macy’s clerk

Ducking my previous, ducking her previous, I’m with her every weekend it’s to the point we’re needing this.

I move into my spot, she’s right there by my side, preview of life together, but something wasn’t right

Needed to grow a bit, got off my little boy super lover shit, grew to a grown A brotha quick

I’ve traveled through time and space, to find your perfect face

This is our chosen path across the universe we race
We’ve lived and loved before, a different time a different place

This is the dream that we’re both living while we’re wide awake

Verse 2 (We Fell)
I heard the message so, we merged addresses no, we didn’t have a lot, had matched Ikea dressers though

Living the life of lovers, not to concerned with others, we wouldn’t choose another, feeling’ like no one could touch us

We went through growth spurts, that was our test to prove, if we could handle marriage, had to confess the truth

We move through obstacles; although it wasn’t easy, please believe me when I tell you that we worked for our achievements

Starting to plan our future, I chose our wedding date; purchased a precious stone, it’s almost time to celebrate

I broke my leg a bit, got down on one knee, and when I stood again our lives were changed quite suddenly

My future wife is now sitting right in front of me, you could say I came along way from that other me

She went from Range Roving, I came from Ford Exploring, and now she’s Ford focused, our love is Fusion forward

I’ve traveled through time and space, to find your perfect face

This was our chosen path across the universe we race
We’ve lived this life before, a different time a different place

This is the dream that we’re both living while we’re wide awake

Verse 3 (We Married)
We stepped our game up; so long to being renters, we signed the dotted line and skipped the house meant for beginners

Planning is getting crazy, we losing track of time, before you know it we arrive at 9-19-09.

The biggest day is here, it’s time to do this now, spoke from the heart, they gave a standing O to both our vows

It passed by in a flash, it’s kind of funny to, how one second cutting cake, next second it’s honeymoon

Land in Montego Bay, white sanding in Negril, these are the moments that let us know that this love is real

So much has changed since, but only for the better, love kicked into high gear experiencing growth together

I got her moonstones our life has found a balance, we speak without speaking, much more is said in silence

Beyond the physical, our love is so much deeper; traveling through time and space, guess you could call us quantum leapers

I’ve traveled through time and space, to find your perfect face

This is our chosen path across the universe we race
We’ve lived this life before, a different time a different place

This is the dream that we’re both living while we’re wide awake
Track Name: Innocent Girl

Hey there young innocent girl, you're dreams are no longer what you're chasing now

Trying to hide from the world, but there is no place that you can run to now!

Her vision was a virgin to the visuals that he painted with a word so original; He was a perfect interpretation of what it takes to emerge as a learned individual

She’s a young thing that only wants one thing, that’s to be loved by the one she’s wanting.

In turn he’s learned all the ways to trap the young brains of the women that he’s hunting

Backed up by his factual fronting, and her life is still lacking for something,

It’s a perfect match when the key hit’s the latch and the barricade walls start crumbling

So young, so fine so green, so numb no time to get cleaned up, he’s up and out, enough change in her purse to catch a bus about town in the rain

She’s cold outside and in, developed a thick alligator kind of skin, with a shield that protects her from feeling any type of love for a man in her life again

Outside so vibrant, inside decayed, been burned by the flames of the game she’s played

What’s priceless life or vices, she’s pleasure in the flesh, meant to entice the righteous

A nice twist of fate a mix of grapes aged to perfection another sip she takes

Drowning her pain in the bottom of the glass, lipstick on the rim reminiscent of her past

She had scholarships to colleges but couldn’t see herself sitting in boring class

Just then a nice young man approached, sat down beside her and they began to toast

Told her that he was celebratin’ the achievement of his recent graduation.

He just earned his MBA and got a nice corporate job lined up and waitin’

So young so fine so green, this time she’s the one that’s hunting, one thing led to the next and the next thing you know their both jumping

Off the ledge to the depths of passion, no concept of consequence for actions, it didn’t help that the brotha wasn’t strapped when she passed him the poison from her first attachment. (48)

That’s the scene of a dream deferred, In fact that’s the last that I’ve seen of her, she’s a memory of energy of a giver of love who’s never seen returns

So many young ones exposed to the hype of the glitz and the glamour of the flashing lights, just know all that
glitters ain’t gold and one bad decision can destroy a life

Learn to listen to the voice within, get familiar with the waters when you learn to swim, understand that you’re a diamond with a value that needs no appraisal from a her or him. (60)

Insert Colin Munroe Hook and outro.
Track Name: Absolute Power
What would you do if you were truly all powerful, use it properly or let the dark side devour you?

Would you bring about the change to end the world’s suffering or would you turn a blind eye and leave people plundering

I’m wondering would you be like Gandolph the grey, or would you play the part of Saruman and end the light of day?

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, be careful with the type of power that I’m introducing

If you could push a button and receive a million dollars, but just by doing so you’d kill a father’s only daughter.

Would you push it or would you feel a slight hesitation, would you contemplate the consequence or think about vacation

If you could make the world a better place just by thinking it, simply blink and it would be utopia immediate

Would you be greediest, or lustful, unappreciative, with hatred for the common man, denying those who needed it.

Would you be the one to take advantage of the destitute, lowering the price of junk and raise the price of the vegetables?

Would you wave your magic wand and put an end to gluttony, reverse the ill effects of obesity in this country?

Would you tell the people what you’re putting in the food supply, or would you keep it quiet then encourage them to super size?

Would you lie to women and make them think it’s impossible to have a child naturally instead of in a hospital?

Lying on their backs while overdosin’ on pitosin, they comatose the baby while the uterus is closing.

If you could sign your name on a treaty of significance, to end an occupation while freeing all the citizens?

If you had the ears of people in the masses in your grasp or in a class would you lead or take advantage?

Would you ask them to support you while you’re rolling in a Bentley, in return for guidance toward a fairytale ending.

Would you help these little girls understand their prominence, instead of falling for the first dude who gives em’ compliments?

Would you praise the permanence of natural and encourage them or tell em’ they’re not beautiful unless they put a perm in it?

Know you're trulyl powerful, remember that it’s limitless, that means that you could speak it and the rest of us are living it.

The rest of us would live with it, the best of us would have to unify on commonalities and overlook the differences.

They say with great power comes great responsibility, the mantra is the movement you should use it if you’re feeling me.

Since you have the power to tell me bout’ what you can’t do, can’t you kill the word can’t? Here’s an example.

You can make a conscious choice to only speak the positive, you can use the power of your voice to change a continent

You rewind this verse cause I know you haven’t gotten it, your heads bobbin’ obvious the beat has got you lost in it. (48)

I’m back to the future trying to save the clock tower, I’m moppin’ floors now but with a focused will power.

I could be mayor, yeah that has a nice ring to it, on my Goldie Wilson and this is just my theme music.

This is Doctor King music, this is rapid eye movement I have a dream music, hope you’re never seen snoozing!

Rock inoculation meant to fortify immunity; you could see my power by the way that I’m influencing (56)

Your local community, cause everyone is usually, moving like machines in a maze chasing the moving cheese

The power’s within you and me, learn to use it fluently, what could the solution be, honestly and truthfully

The question is the answer, they have the cure for cancer yet they manufacture new disease Google it and you will see!
This is absolute power!
Track Name: State The Deal
Why do I feel so conflicted, I’m gifted but never felt the need to, stand on a stage to get approval from the people

Proceed to talk about the subjects they’ve agreed to, I just want to lay-up, homie this is a free-throw

The power in me told the powers that be, holding pennies for my thoughts, while I devour a beat

That I’m falling in love again, the pressure’s doubling, lost weight and since became a banana republican.

Not a democrat, although I speak well, Barackesq, people asking where my demo at.

Who needs it really, I got access to the Internet, exploring distribution models that we haven’t ventured yet.

Can we get intimate? I’m up at 5 in the morning, designing the wars agenda, get the picture yet?

About my business it’s, survival of the fit providing for my unborn children that haven’t entered yet.

This is real talk, my authenticated vocals have made me a renegade to pro-tools,

I burn at a 1000 centigrade when I roast you, honestly I’ve never been afraid to say I told you

Demand for a product that could re-arrange the culture, my composure’s exposed so it seems that I’m over my head.

Internally I’m close to the edge I’m a leader of the people who have spoke to the dead.

Like Michael Phelps I am so far ahead of my time that my paper overdosed on the lead.

I’m simply seeking answers to the questions that are posed to me, arrived at the conclusion that I was supposed to be.

Living the life that attraction has chose for me, aligned with my inner being you can hear it vocally.

Providing you with my thoughts as they flow to me. Partially because of Dre’s w**d and its potency

This is not Qwest, this is John Graham speaking, addressed by governments, the public is loving it.

This level of intrigue has been achieved by the few, the verses that I breathe are interweaved with the truth.

I’m an individual who is leaving the group, for my pursuit of happiness, I need to move.

To the valley of the kings, with a salary that brings most peanuts in this gallery on hourly exchange to a bended knee

End could be the future of this art, cause of digital dependency true words from a friend indeed

How can I stand here screaming that hip hop is dead, when burning CD’s was like holding pistols to it’s head.

I aint saying that I killed the sacred art, but I truly know I did enough to say I did my part

Yo, these labels figured out a way to keep the message quiet, they know that when your track’s on iTunes and the people buy it.

That you as an artist are a victim to the pirates, and digital content aint in the contract you’re signin’.

So what’s that mean to you and what’s it mean to me, it means that music isn’t really what it seems to be.

It means that little soldier boys and little weezy wee’s can shuck and jive their way to stardom somewhat easily.

And that leaves Curtis Blown and KRS wonderin, how this thing they put their heart into has plundered

When my children think of hip hop how will the shit go? Will it be like my parents era missing disco?

Will it be like a fad in their minds like Cisqo, or will it be like their dad realizing he’s just old?
Track Name: The Index
Verse 1
The game’s trumped up with all these beat makers, all these sneak haters, cocaine abusers, street beef fakers.

I mean paper’s gotten so out of hand, that every young fifth grader’s got a getting’ money scam.

Who’s the man, amongst all these little boys, who sing about these little toys, that go back in the chest of their executive employer’s

I’m a destroyer, of those ring tone dudes who’s songs annoy us. I’m like Roy but I’m a lot less arrogant, apparent when my vocal chords get to flarin’

It’s like staring down the barrel of a whatever when I touch, I could pull the trigger on a the J like Kobe in the clutch

This is the prelude and index and all things in-between, the flow is nice, but the delivery is mean.

What I mean by statements I’m a king, My process of flow is sort of like a currency machine.

You’re an idiot if you try to swim against the stream. My flow is simply natural like bottled water springs.(16)

I aint saying I’m the man, but I know who’s pullin’ the strings, dude I’m golfing with global presidents of Mars Drinks.

I refuse to look at videos and what they watch, that shit’ll still your dreams, and make off like Madoff, I’ve witness to the death of auto-tune and Hope that shit stays off,

I’m the final second shooter at the end of the playoffs, in my contract year, looking for major payoffs; I’ve got a contract here so my tip you could stay off.

I don’t need the false sense of security, thinking that this music could be financially secure me urgently

Detergent please, I’m bout to wash hands of you, I’m chasing wealth, and you’ll be dead before the man trusts you.

But that’s elders way of thinking, I guess I came a long way from them days back at Lincoln.

Place your mark upon the dotted line then sambo for moolah; what’s young money next to an old money ruler?

School of fort Knox foreign currency exchange, man you the type to sell your foreign currency for chains!(32)

Forget a mansion, let’s talk about estates, buying out the bar is not the same as owning vineyards full of grapes.

I never made a dime off the music but I bet will, The reality of life has proved to me to be a better thrill

I swore I gave it up, but it seems I’m getting’ better still, I’ve moved up from a pen to writing rhymes with a feather quill

Guess who’s back, since this is a new age I got a Zeitgeist hat

I swear I’m a veteran, I been said I been through with this music pipe dream but I never am(42)

Pressure been building like the pipes about to spill over, even at the beginning I’m knowing that it’s still over

I didn’t have to sell dope to make dollas, naw Hov did that, so John Graham aint have to go through that.

Hurry Up & Wait is where I tried to show you that, I could make songs without the N- word, hoes and crack(48)
Track Name: The End of The Beginning
Singing Intro (to the tune of Dwele from Flashing Lights)
As I recall a vision from my past life
I truly know that this is not my first time
This is my soul…
Listen and grow

This aint my first life and won’t be my last, past meets present, presently the truth’s in a glass.

Drink to intoxication, vision is vivid, in hallways being led by a man in a mask

He turns around to reveal the dark face of an ape, draped in silk robes leading every step that I take

The pathway’s illuminated by the flames of a torch; I’m drawn so magnetically by an invisible force

I see the writing on the wall it looks familiar, decipher codes of hieroglyph dispersed on the pillars

Feelings of fear, I wipe the sweat from my brow, window within exposes all of the importance of now

Legs crossed in a meditative position, Intuition speaking loud, seems I was able to listen.

The architect, the builder, the workman, concealer, my secrets were kept in the heart of a known revealer.

Few people are called to the path of the chosen, moments of time frozen in the notes of a life composed in

Perception or reality, the fallacy is, reality is often doubtfully about what we live.

The five senses are not to be relied on alone; please know the physical is not your permanent home.

The only limitation of me was me, below is the same as above me, this journey is so lovely.(24)

Currency is not important your life is the gift; enjoy the present cause we’re on the verge of consciousness shift.

I’m a passenger of thoughts, and a master of mind; you need will power to control the course of the blind

Time is the illusion they use for confusing the minds of the youth and the truth is

There’s a war going on inside you can escape from, blue pill, red pill don’t think take one

Make one safe from the fate of the fake one, aint none debating the trace of the great one

Sorry to revert to the references of the Matrix, but face it, life is full of choices hate it

Or love it, either one is correct, cause the path is defined by the one you project

Retrospect, in my past life the fast life was pleasure to me; pirate of entertainment felt like the treasure was free

Until the source pulled the lever for the clever to see that it’s pressure to be better than a veteran thief.

So I’m measuring the weight of every word that I speak, in every minute, every hour, every day, every week.

This is the life that I chose rather the one that chose me, exposed deep recesses of the mind that knows peace.

The words coming from a liar sound so sweet, but the energy conveyed seems to be so weak. (48)
Track Name: Extenuating Circumstances
Please know this is a song that was meant to inspire if you struggle with the balances of your need and desire

I know the deal, the physical can have an appeal, that would have you thinking everything you’re seeing is real

I turn on the television on every once in a while, then I realize I don’t miss pushing buttons & dials

Bombarding me with ads for all the fashions and styles or try to sell me different poisons with a passionate smile,

I was a victim of insanity, buying every little gadget just so I could have it not knowing that it was vanity

I’ve been where you’re at let’s make a few things clear, I smoked cigars & cigarettes for almost 13 years,

I did damage to my body with the liquor and beer, I wear the scars of my former self that won’t disappear

I had fun with the ladies, let’s suffice it to say, that I got what I wanted when I wanted my way.

I ate anything and everything at anytime of day, I spent way to much money on the games I used to play

I used to use the word nigga and I knew it wasn’t right, but got upset if the person who was saying it was white

Living contradiction as a youth I didn’t know how I dishonoured generations who had lived with Jim Crow

I was arrogant and ignorant and couldn’t be denied, which is probably the underlying cause and reason why, (24)

I came face to face with death, sleep apnoea I’m gasping and I couldn’t catch a breath in an apartment by myself

I was a brotha with a choice to make, either change my lifestyle now or I could listen to the voice of fate

I decided that I had enough of living a lie, my man told me bout the cleanse and I should give it a try

10 days later and 20lbs lighter, my stomach was deflating and my skin was looking brighter.
It was a journey up ahead of me but you know what I did? I dropped all of the excuses then I decided to live

There’s no magic pills that could heal the lack of discipline, the lack of will and packaged meals are adding up to insulin

I don’t claim to be perfect, cause I know what it is, but results are only based upon the effort you give

And I know I want to live to see my un-borns grow, and if that means hurting feelings cause I have to say no(40)

Then I guess by all means I have to let it be so, you shouldn’t take it personal I’m letting you know

I wish for you the same triumph in your personal goals, just set em’ and forget em’ and continue to grow

Just know you have support from the man behind the mic, when you decide to change your life here’s the message you can write

Dear John here’s the reason I am seeing the light, your words helped realize that I’m losing the fight! (48)

I sat my family down and then we just began to connect we talked about the issues that we seem to neglect

I have a 10 year old daughter who is borderline obese, I just figured it was genes not the food that she was eatin’

I tried to be a vegan but the chicken and the meat were always easier to cook and being vegan isn’t cheap

My husband is the type of guy to go to Mickey D’s order off the dollar menu 5 burgers extra cheese

Then come home and has a stomach ache, I wonder how much Nexium and prilosec prescription pills can a stomach take?

It all became clear after hearing your song, I appreciate your words and the message was strong

You really held up a mirror, now I couldn’t see clearer that I have to take a stand or it wouldn’t be long

Before I lost the opportunity to see my little girl become a woman and all I had to do was change the food we eat….. Thank you, Mr. Graham, really thank you!(64)